Working party activities have resumed, thanks to the partial relaxation of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Just three hardy members of the working party braved the drizzly afternoon weather to remove a large tree that came down over the Dale Top path during the recent high winds. The tree had been ready to fall for some time having been at forty-five degrees or more for some years.

Whilst taking the equipment to the site of the fallen tree the tyre on the wheelbarrow literally blew apart with a sound like a gunshot which was heard from some distance away. The result was that all the gear had to be hand carried.

Although the tree was quite large the work was fairly simple requiring one cut with the chainsaw and then winching the smaller part of the tree trunk off the path. Easily said, but it was heavy work on the winch!

Photograph A. Cutting through trunk

Photograph B. Winching trunk aside

Photograph C. End result

Another large bough from a nearby tree has also come down in the high wind but fortunately is not blocking the path.

During the work all three volunteers maintained social distancing.